LED Grow Lighting Australia

LED Grow Lighting is an Australian company specialising in indoor LED grow lights. Our lights includes solutions for both hobby and commercial growers. All of our grow lamps are ideal for both hydroponic and soil applications. With nearly a decade of experience in growing with LEDs, we have the right advice and products to get you pumping out large healthy yields grow after grow.

LED grow lights have been growing in popularity in the commercial and hobby sector for two decades. Today, growing with LEDs has advanced past traditional HPS, CFL & MH lighting for efficiency and effectiveness. While the commercial sector has been enjoying the benefits of LED grow lights for some time, now growers and plant enthusiasts of all types are also benefiting with outstanding results.

Here are just some of the advantages of working with LED grow lights compared to traditional HID lamps.

  • Significant heat reduction
  • Massive power saving – up to 70% !!!
  • Healthier plants – from receiving more ideal light spectrums
  • No separate ballast required
  • Much more durable than traditional bulbs

Shop from our range of LED grow light units suited to different setups and purposes. We have the E27 range which is screwed into a standard light bulb socket making them ideal for smaller setups or mothering and cloning. For small to large setups we supply the top selling UFO range & GOLD SX range. And for the latest innovation in growing, check out the Vipar Range with switched for grow and bloom phases.

Buy from us today and enjoy free shipping within Australia for a limited time only!